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Let me tell you the story of our relationship, Samantha had been following me on Facebook for awhile and she told me she just loved my work. Now I have had the pleasure and privilege of having a few people tell me that, but the way she spoke about my pictures made me feel different. It’s like I felt a little more established, a little more real and a lot more of a professional.  When you have a client that says they are a fan and have been with you on this journey of business for a pretty good while, it’s like you feel as if you’re making it. As a “professional” photographer it takes a long time to call yourself that. You take pictures for a really long time, that’s what you “like” to do and you make some money here and there. But there is a point that you finally say, “yes I’m a professional wedding photographer, that’s what I do for a living.” That in itself is such a big accomplishment. I have been doing this for a long while and it really solidified my confidence when Sam sent that first message asking if I was “even” available in January. Well yes of course I’m available in January!! But it was yeah let me check my calendar, cause at that time I didn’t want to sound desperate.  I was so excited to go back to were it all really started for me in San Antonio and shoot another wedding there. Over the past year and a half my business has been so incredibly blessed, I have gained so many new portrait clients and I had 17 brides last year and I’m at 22 this year. I love each and every one of these girls as if they are my sisters. Every single one of them are so patient and so very kind as I am getting used to my new routines and my new workflows as this business grows more and more every year. I am so blessed to have Sam in my life as she has really been such a sweetheart to me along with many other lovely brides.

The first time I got to meet Sam and Sal in person was at their engagement session last April. I like to go back to San Antonio every April to visit my best friend and to catch clients who would like to update family portraits. And this year I get to do it again, an engagement session for a December San Antonio bride {insert overly excited smiley face here}. So last April came and it was time to meet up for their session. I knew I wanted something soft because Sam had this vision for classic and timeless colors. I happened to come across a new venue out in the Hill Country that had an adorable 2 person swing and asked if I could shoot out there. Sam and Sal both wore very light and airy outfits and The Oaks in Boerne was the perfect place for their spring engagements. Sam was a little flustered because she forgot some makeup items that she needed but I told her if she just has mascara she would be fine and I was right. She was so angelic at her session. We walked the property, talked to the owners and just made a very nice evening of it. I absolutely loved their engagements and several are up on my website.

So here we are, their big day. The day she has been planning for over a year and honestly it couldn’t have been more stunning. I just love the soft color pallet she choose, the getting ready space at the stunning Elian Hotel and her ceremony and reception at Grandberry Hills Event Center just made for the perfect backdrop. Now she did catch some feedback on her boring color choices but to me she knocked it out of the park, because in 15 or even 50 years this will still be in style. I love that most of my brides think about the future and not what is just trendy now. The ones who truly love my true to color and classic images are my people. They are the brides I’m on the hunt for, just like Sam.

Like every single wedding on the face of the Earth, it was hectic and there were a lot of crying babies, sick babies and commotion, but that is every wedding! The difference in others and this one is Sam’s grace. She held up and held on the entire day. She was super flexible when timelines were getting short and she had so much patience with every single person involved. There was no screaming and crying, unless it was thinking about people who aren’t with us anymore or Sal. His emotions were on high. His tears were so happy and so excited.  He was kind and sweet and very sincere to everyone around him. He was the absolute perfect groom.

We completed off the night with tons of fun, like the marachi, I mean a true San Antonio wedding isn’t complete without one! The donut cake was on the top of my list of awesomeness, the food, drinks and atmosphere was just no other then amazing. But I couldn’t have done this alone, I had the amazing Chandra Yarter from Chandra’s Collection as my partner in crime that night. She is an amazing local wedding photographer in San Antonio and only lives a few short miles from The Grandberry. So if you are a Grandberry bride she’s your gal!

Thank you Sam and Sal for trusting us with the most important day of your life. This is my absolute best wedding to date and it’s already all over my new website already. I hope you love these memories as much as I do!


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