Cozy Winter Engagement Justin + Jackie

So if you read the last post you know all the reason I don’t like winter shoots… Haha, but sometimes they can be super sweet, so I thought I would write some reasons why I do like them.

Number 1: Like the title shows they can be cozy… Like what better why to get a bride and groom to cuddle then to be cold. You guys will want to hug and snuggle without me even directing you to! Number 2: The winter glow. Now this doesn’t happen ever day, cause let’s face it the sun is usually hiding behind some super gloomy winter clouds but when it does decide to make an appearance it sure does make a statement, especially in Oklahoma, where we have some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the US. Lastly, to me, it’s about the color. If you have the right outfits and props you can really use the dullness of winter grass as a great contrasting element to your images.

But none of this is possible without our lovely sun. The sun creates this magical unrecreatable (not a word but I’m rolling with it) glowy (also not a word) goodness that I can’t and haven’t ever been able to replicate when it’s missing. It’s warmness on skin and through the trees and hair is just unparalleled with any artificial lighting (which I do not use but only for receptions).

SO here is Jackie and Justin… and their glowy, creamy and oh so super cozy engagement shoot. These two were so so giggly, silly and cuddly. Jackie was a champ bearing the cold while once again I am dawned with insulated overalls and muck boots. Justin attempted to keep his nose warm with “The Nuzzle” which is a super important posing technique that he mastered. Justin also mastered the dip kiss in just one swoop! I am so excited for these two and their families! It’s going to be such a fun and exciting wedding this July!


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