Cattle Ranch Engagement James + Lydia

To be completely honest… I really do not like shooting in the winter… There are so many different things that can be a hinderance. 1. ummm is so stinking cold… and if you know me I’m already cold all the time. I drink coffee just cause but sometimes I drink it just to stay warm. 2. The wind… I don’t know about where you live but in Oklahoma it’s so super windy here. Sometimes it makes for an epic portrait but other times it can be a mess. 3. It’s colorless, you know I love some super bright light filtering through trees with lots of leaves on a spring tree and 4. it’s cold… did I already say that? I really do not like cold…

But when you have a couple who live six hours away from one another and they only have a few days together you make exceptions… lots of exceptions. You work your booty off to get the shots they dreamed of and you forget that it’s bitter outside cause I mean you’re in insulated overalls and Muck Boots and your client is wearing adorable cold sleeve blouses. So I had a little pep talk with myself and I said suck it up buttercup!

Why did this shoot end up so magical? One this couple is absolutely stunning. Lydias red hair was so pretty and James smiled down at her like a kid in a candy store. Another reason they aren’t mad with the cold is, we all has so much chemistry. I know that sounds weird but really when you can connect to your clients and they can connect to you everything feels so natural and they can really relax and be themselves and be comfortable (plus my jokes were on point that day).

I absolutely loved James and Lydia’s story. It’s so much like mine and my fianc√© and we both love our ranches and Lydia is a unpaid, untitled, unasked ranch hand like myself, so we had a lot in common right off the bat. She’s is finishing up her degree and getting ready to move to Oklahoma after graduation. Hugo is a tiny town but I think she will fit right in here.

I am so excited about their wedding this summer! It’s going to be so pretty and in a new location I have never shot at. Make sure to scroll to the end and check out their gorgeous Oklahoma sunset pictures.


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