Sam + Sal Engagement | The Oaks at Boerne, Texas | Bobbye Jean Photography

I don’t know what it is about Texas light. It just shine different, all the tress have low branches and create the most beautiful bokeh and well it’s just gorgeous there. 

When I first moved to San Antonio in 2011 I thought to myself, “look at theses ugly little trees.” We have pretty good sized timber in Oklahoma and then to live in Seattle for a year kinda ruined the idea of pretty trees for me. I though they had to be tall, straight and undamaged to be beautiful. 

Once I really dove into my photography career in Texas I totally changed that perspective. The low hanging trees are prefect for a backlit, rim light filled portrait. 

As I had never met Sam before this evening us having mutual Facebook friends we of course became friends. 😀 She told me at our shoot that she had followed me for years and once her and Sal was engaged she wanted me to capture it! I was so honored to have a fan all this time who choose me to be a part of their big day even though I was 8 hours away! 

Some of you know I now live in Oklahoma near my daddy but I love to travel for weddings especially to SAN ANTONIO. I just love to shoot in gorgeous light, see my best friend and enjoy all the wonderful tacos! 

I hope you guys enjoy your engagements click here to view and download the full gallery!

  1. Christi Froese says:

    These photos are stunning!

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