Dreamy Oklahoma Senior Session Antlers Senior Shannon Cain

Shannon came to me in the best time, she made me realize how wonderful this life is. She is a gorgeous wide eye brown haired girl, shy and sweet and she told me she is scared of what to do next. Here’s the advice I can only give and hope you understand how amazing being young and clueless is.

When you are a senior your biggest fear is not know what is next and you know what… THAT’S OK! I want you and all my girls to know, you don’t have to go to college, you don’t have to be married by 20 and have babies to follow, you don’t have to stay home or leave town, you don’t have to party but it’s ok if you do, you don’t have find your career right now! Your still so young on the inside and there are so so so many things you want in life and you don’t have to have it all figured out right now. I encourage you to jump in your car and drive, to take the vacation, to jump off the high dive, to swim naked, to run wild while you can. Cause you’ll get to a place where you feel so full and ready for a new kind of full. You’ll figure out what you want and who you are and were to be, maybe not right now but eventually.

Your kind of happy is not going to be everyones happy, not your parents or friends and probably not even your boyfriends. It takes a lot of time to figure out who you are. That time it takes is your path. Find your path and skip all the way down it. I do warn though… while you are skipping your are going to trip, probably crash and even burn a little. But the great thing about the burn is the green that comes from it. The new skin that is formed. So when you’ve healed up keep skipping. That is what creates success, just skip girl.


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