Oklahoma Mountain Side Engagement Colby + Alli


I love my tribe of brides this year more then ever, especially Miss Alli, she is like my Taryn from last year. She’s fun and silly and has such a great personality. She also told me she knew I was a perfect fit when I pulled up in a feed truck to their engagement session! Colby and I have have a lot of mutual acquaintances since we are all from the same “world”. Since he’s from right up the road in Smithville we thought it would be nice to introduce some of his families gorgeous land and the crazy amount of places to take unique rustic engagements.

I would say the majority of my grooms are pretty country, they like to cut up and have a good time, be with friends and family but most of all they hate pictures. It’s like an automatic no thank you when the word pictures come up. My fianc√© and all of his family and friends are all the same way. So getting a groom to relax, have fun and make look like a stud is my main priority. Even though my style is focused on the bride and she’s normally the one looking and smiling at the camera, he’s really my focus.

When a groom feels uncomfortable you can see it, not only on his face but he’ll turn awkward really quick, which in turn is unflattering images. So no my grooms aren’t models, they’ve never been coached before, probably had an awful experience from their senior session and walking into engagements they are already dreading it. But I work really really hard to ease all of that anxiety away and strive for fun and relaxed!

My favorite moment of Alli and Colby’s session was asking them for the first time to look at each other. They seriously thought I was nuts at that moment and I wish those images wouldn’t have been blurry cause they were pretty comical and a super fun memory. Colby you killed your engagements and picking out Alli’s ring! I absolutely loved spending the evening with you and your family! I can’t wait to meet the rest of the crowd I know this is going to be a super fun wedding!


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