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Meet Tara, she’s a rockstar in my book and a rockstar to her mom too. I cried when I read this, 

“Today I am a SUPER proud Mom! My daughter graduated with a master’s of science in occupational therapy. She was also recently recognized by NSU’s honor program. The little girl (Harper) that you see between her and her husband was actually born on a Saturday after Tara started her graduate program. Orientation was on Friday. Harper was born on Saturday. She had jaundice and had to return to the hospital on Monday, which happened to be a holiday. Tara returned to school (2 hours from home) on Tuesday and never missed a day. Richard stayed home and took care of a tiny newborn the first several weeks so Tara could go to school. Since then Tara has raised a newborn mostly by herself, along with her other 2 children, maintained a household, and completed a very difficult master’s program. She never missed a moment to spend time with each of the 3 kids, help with the older ones’ homework, and play with the baby, waiting until they had gone to bed many times to do her own homework well into the morning — while getting up at night with an infant. Richard had to work away from home most of the time to cover the expenses for his family and Tara’s education. I am sure all of the parents out there can see why the first picture has so much meaning for us. 

It is impossible to express the overwhelming pride I felt today when I was given the ultimate privilege to assist the Dean and Program Director to hood my daughter. Tara is an amazing woman, and so is her husband. God has truly blessed my family!”

So after reading a story like that you can see why I was so honored when Tara asked me to help her with a project. She has worked for several different companies over the past several years and through it all she has decided she can offer something special. She has decided to kick the employer and become one herself. 

40:31 Rehab and Wellness has started applying for contracts and she is now building her website and brand up. I was blessed to be a part of this new girl boss project! Here are a few pictures from our shoot and we will soon launch her promo reel! 

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