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This sweet little family came all the way to Finley America on a super warm summer day. I didn’t realize when Brittany booked that she had such a gorgeous gaggle of children. When they all started spilling out of the car it just got better and better! All the cute boys and this doll of […]

Oklahoma Sunset Family Session The Mazey's

Funny Girl. One of my all time favorite movies and when I see a silly little girl in bright pink it reminds me for the movie poster. Bet is one of my absolute favorite actresses. This session just reminded me of that musical. There was so much sass and drama with a whole lot of […]

Fun Family Session The Burrage Family 2018


 If you don’t recognized that sweet lady with the hot pink on, thats my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Walls! I don’t think I had ever had a butt whopping till I got in her class! I was a pretty sassy like kiddo and she was for sure to whip me into shape (pun intended)! One thing […]

Summer Family Portraits Four Generation of Women

I can’t believe how quick this little boy has grown. This last year has flown by so fast and I can’t believe we are almost done with June! Check out what we were doing a year ago with baby Breck here. I love watching your kiddos grow up Nik! They are so fun, spunky and […]

Birthday Boy Summer Session Breckens First Birthday


I was pretty excited  about these back in April when I planned them… then is was freezing… then it rained… and finally we could all agree on a reschedule date! And after all of that I was ecstatic about them. I had found the cutest floral props to go right along with my navy blue […]

Sunfilled Spring Mini first annual

If there is one thing for certain, puppies are just part of ranch living. Most ranches uses dogs for hearding or hunting and puppies are part of it. The McAuthor’s asked me to come out to their Miller ranch again this year. We “recreated” for the most part last years favorite images and then did […]

Ranch Lifestyle Session The McAuthor Family


Yes I have the coolest senior spokesmodels ever… these girls are so amazing and outgoing. I love all of their styles and personalities. This is my first year doing a spokesmodel program and I’ve learned so much already this year. Bailey is my little creative genius. She did an amazing school bus themed group shoot […]

2018 Antlers Senior Spokesmodel Bailey Woods

I love all my award winning seniors I get to photograph each year. Meet Lynzee a super tall stunning gal ready to blow right past any defender, not only is she super talented on the court she’s also smart and sweet. Congratulations on all your accomplishments this year, I can’t wait to see where you […]

Lynzee Smith | 2018 Ft. Towson Senior | Bobbye Jean Photography


I just loved how sweet and sentimental Allison was about this little red wagon, it has such a special story and memory behind it. Allison sat down in it and thought about how her uncle used to pull her around in it and all the memories she shared with him and this wagon. After losing […]

Allison Crow | 2018 Valliant Senior | Bobbye Jean Photography

In love with this fresh faced Ardmore Senior Kristen Gragg! She was so easy going to totally trusted my eye and vision for the shoot. I got to meet Kristen for the first time at her sisters wedding Ariel back in June where I capture her and her new husband Mike’s wedding at the spectacular […]

Kristen Gragg | Ardmore Senior Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography