Villarreal Family | The Oaks at Boerne | Bobbye Jean Photography

Every year I make it a point to travel down to San Antonio, not only for work and to be available for my clients down there but to spend some time with my person. 

This lady is my rock and my roll she keeps me sane while I’m going nuts. She knows when to give me a reality check and she begs me to come “home” while encouraging me through everything here in Oklahoma. I love getting to just watch Grey’s with her, walking around Target aimlessly and scoring the best deals at Ross. We love to plan parties together. I will make it my sole habit to be in San Antonio every year for Kallies Birthday just so we can decorate it! 

Even though sometimes I’m lost here without her, I know we are just a phone call away and 7 hours of driving goes by really quick when we are headed to each others house! Here’s to this summer and our fun we will have! 😀 love you Chels 

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