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I love that sis knows when there is “good light”. It honestly makes my heart flee from my chest. She notices little details that most 5 year olds would pass right up. Yesterday she sees a yellow glow through the trees and said “momma look at that beautiful light, you think the sunset will be pretty today?” OMGosh yes girlfriend yes!

As always we went straight to the bathroom and got some curls in her hair (which stayed incredibly well with all the syrup from breakfast in it). We chose a dress that was a little to small, because I’m horrible at buying “cute” clothes for her. She doesn’t mind cause she rather wear cowgirl boots and sweatpants, then we headed outside. 

Sooo sometimes I have to bribe her to do what I want, which I don’t mind and tonight it was for TV privileges. She has lost hers because everyday she gets into trouble for talking or not taking a nap or well the list goes on and on. I try not to go to hard on this because her genetics do not make up to be a “good” kid. She loves being the center of attention as do her parents, she also has FOMO (fear of missing out). So that combined with 17 other little kids… well she gets into trouble, like everyday. So she loses her beloved TV and sometimes she throws a little fit but not to long, it’s mostly glaring and heavy sighs at me but at the end of the day she’s forgotten all about it. 

So last night we explored a little and we found an incredible little spot really close to the house with a lot of variety of lighting and background… eeekkk I am so super excited about it. I’ve got some engagements and senior sessions that I am going to love shooting in this gem. Enjoy!

Thank you for always being my biggest fan and beautiful inspiration. 

xoxo Momma 





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