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So I’ll be honest… I actually looked up the “duties” that come along with being a bridesmaid and/or matron of honor and my expectations wasn’t to far behind. I have taken part in over 85 weddings over the past few years and can I say that I am pretty surprised how relaxed some of the ladies are. 

Let’s get clear… I’m not pointing out any particular person, party or group that I have photographed… Heck I might even be talking about one of my own friends and even myself one time was a pretty crappy brides maid. But the deal is she chose you for a reason. You are like Yin and Yang (Cristina Yang that is… Grey’s pun intended) especially if you’re the maid of honor, like you are THE person(s), her PERSON and she is counting on you! 

So let’s get back to me being a crappy brides maid…. Gosh where do I begin? Well let’s just say I wasn’t always the best human ever… (If you knew me from 2002-2008 I’m very sorry) Any who I was late, I didn’t get to the rehearsal and worst of all I wasn’t there for her, not physically or emotional and it ruined our friendship. Seriously it did… I mean we still are Facebook friends and all, but she totally didn’t trust me after that and I can not blame her. Do not let your life get in the way of this one special time for her. 

When a bride asks you to be apart of the biggest day of her life assume there are big responsibilities and big consequences if you don’t preform. Trust me not only have I been there but I’ve seen it happen in other weddings. She has asked you because in her mind you are there for her in ways that no one else is. She trusts you and wants her day to be filled with love, family and her best gal or guy pals.

So along with this cute list of what to do as a maid of honor I wanted to point out some other key items as well. 

  1. DON’T BE ON YOUR PHONE THE WHOLE DAY! Uhhh I have an issue with this… 
  2. You set the tone of the “party”. If you aren’t dancing no one else is going to either… You’ve ruined the idea for other guests to have a good time if the bridal party is being lame. (sorry not sorry) 
  3. Participate in all the activities and encourage the groomsmen do the same. 
  4. Stay off your phone… 
  5. Reassure how beautiful the bride is, keep on top of her hair and makeup. 
  6. Make sure everyone is comfortable and be the hostess of the event. 
  7. If your bride didn’t have servers be the servers, i.e cake server. 
  8. If the bride can’t afford drinks for the reception and would like it, throw them a “stock the bar” party and offer to help endure venue costs between all of you (including groomsmen) for alcohol licenses. 
  9. Help make the night an unforgettable one for her. She will literally bring up her wedding for the rest of your relationship. So keep that in mind… 
  10. Most of all have fun with her and create memories you both will cherish! 

Hope this little list helps, most of it is common sense but I do believe it’s really helpful! Thanks for tuning in! 

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