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While artificial lighting is always fun and you can create really dynamic images I’m pretty traditional with some good ol’ all naturelle light! 😀 

So yesterday I was ask by a friend “to get this look, do I need one of those lightboxs?” I had to think just for a minute to even remember what a light box was, Nancy would have slapped me upside the head for not knowing. But I was thinking she meant soft box but then I thought… Hmmm I bet she looked it up and someone suggested a product light box. Well while this is all true and I’m sure the image above is from someone who has that.

But I know you can achieve high end images with natural light, reflectors and probably your iPhone.

I know WHAT? Why would a professional tell you to use an iPhone… Well to be honest cameras on phones these days are amazing! They are better then when professional DSLR cameras came out! There are whole cinematic films shot with iPhones and other high preforming cell phones. So while I’m totally an advocate of using your phone for getting professional shots of your products you are trying to sell, don’t be silly in thinking your gonna replace me with a phone… hehehe.

So how to accomplish the look without buying tons of equipment? Here’s a shot of my pull back I just used natural light with a window and that big round reflector. Now you don’t have to go buy a fancy reflector you could just line something a little tall with tin foil to keep it really cheap! And I used my iPhone and did a few adjustments with contrast and white balance in the editing panel built into Photos.  

Think about your layouts, textures, patterns and what you will lay your products on. If I would have used that white shirt on a white background it would have blended in so it’s not ideal. I would have liked to use a little darker background for what I chose to shoot but I was just working with what I got. My skirt obviously has wrinkles in it and a light steaming would done wonders for the end result! 

Obviously my product shot compared to the one sent over to me is completely different styles and such but I think you get the idea! With some practice you will be able to create your own simple product shots!

Thanks for stopping by on Sassy Saturday!  


Skirt and shoes: Target

Shirt: TJ Maxx

Necklace: China store on Ebay 


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