Stunning Tulsa Barn Wedding Lydia + James

The first time I met Lydia it was over a frantic phone call. She had booked a photographer (site unseen) and realized very quickly after booking that their personalities were just not going to be compatible.  Lydia and James wanted nothing more then then to have their engagements done in front of all their livestock and his families gorgeous piece of land right outside of Hugo, Oklahoma. But, to her surprise, her photographer was not willing to travel that far. Luckily for me I’m right up the road. So when we had our initial conversation they just sounded like people I wanted to be friends with. They are easily described as warm, friendly and who are really in love with each other.

All of that seemed very familiar so I was ready to move forward and so where they. During their booking she told me she wanted to do the engagements on a certain weekend, since she would be home from college and unfortunately that weekend it was 12 DEGREES… I really don’t think it was 12 but it sure felt that way! However, the freezing temps did not stop us. I geared up in thermals, overalls and muck boots and poor Lydia had on cold shoulder tops. I knew right then she was tough and my kind of gal. We spent just as much time talk as we did taking pictures. Her and James story is much like mine and Kents. High school sweethearts who just couldn’t get it together, but eventually mad it back to each other.

Lydias choice of all neutral colors and greenery will be so classic for years and years to come. Her gorgeous red hair and infectious smile really was the star of the show. The best part of the day for me was all the big emotions. James had devised a plan to speak with Lydia before the were married but still keep to the “can’t see the bride” tradition. He prayed over their marriage and it was so beautiful. I honestly thought ok that was my big emotional photo op but to my surprise they kept coming all day. Dad bawled when he seen his only child all dressed in white, he bawled again giving her away and then at my slightly forced father/daughter dance. Dad insisted that he couldn’t dance and didn’t want to be embarrassed, but his moves and all the tears were picture worthy! As soon as Tim McCraw sang “beautiful baby from the outside….” those tears started flowing. Lydia’s dad is so tender hearted and so sweet. You can tell he loves her with everything he has.

Another favorite part of mine was the venue owners. Moore’s Flyin M Ranch is top notch when it comes to customer service, quality and design. They had a wonderful staff to help not only the wedding party get through the day but they also asked me several times if I needed anything and was more then accommodating. The venue sits up on top of a beautiful hill over looking a northeast Oklahoma valley and it was so beautiful to photograph. Also the hair designer was impeccable, she actually stayed for all the pictures to make sure her design stayed in tacked.

I’m so excited to see what is in store for Lydia and James. Congratulations to my new sweet friends!




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