Romantic Sunset Maternity Session Kayl and Taylor

There is nothing better then a client telling you “whatever you think looks best” it totally vilifies everything about your craft. I had a crazy idea with a big blue skirt I bought for my engagements and Taylor just totally rolled with it and I mean WOW, if I was to imagine a Disney Princess taking maternity pictures this is what I would dream of!

During consultation, I let them know if they wanted to bring little props they could and so their first fur child got to make a cameo along with some super cute “bear” accessories, since they have chosen the name Bear for their little boy. She thought it was a little silly but I really love the extra detail of the day.

Seriously though… this is another on top of another calling to my baby fever. Where Taylor is in her pregnancy is when I finally started to enjoy it. I remember the first time Hannah got the hiccups. It was right at 30 weeks and I was in San Antonio visiting friends and family. I enjoyed all the little kicks and flips and I was finally over the sickness that felt like it lasted forever. So if this does ever happen for my family again I hope I can look like a Disney Princess too.



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