Airplane Engagement Session Maegan + Steven

I can’t even ask for a better session then this one. I couldn’t have planned it better, I couldn’t have asked for better weather or light or the fact there was a freggin’ AIRPLANE in it. How did I not ever know there was a private air strip just up the road from the Rattan Rodeo Arena? Seriously this is so small town and I had no clue.

I’ve never met Maegan before or her adorable family but they are so super cute and sweet and well totally adventurous. Meagan and Steven love to travel and she took in her fathers foot steps and became a pilot. So it was only fitting to make that a focal point in our engagement story.

The best part of all this they have asked me to come with them on their elopement journey! If you have been following around for a while you know this is what I’ve always wanted to do is to follow my brides along their wedding story and to travel with them! I can’t wait to be a part of this uber romantic love story and watch it unfold!

Thank you guys for trusting me in this super special season of your life. I can’t wait to grow with you and your relationship together! #letsJETset


 Another very special detail of their story, this stunning necklace is Maegan’s moms wedding ring melted down into an airplane and given to her when she received her pilots license.  And can we just take a moment and awe over Steven super gifted ability to pick out an engagement ring. Holy smokes it was even better in person!  


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