Adorable Backyard Wedding | Sam + BJ | Bobbye Jean Photography

It was such an honor and pleasure to give my time to a couple who is more then deserving. Our newly appointed Sheriff and his now wife Sam have been talking about getting married for years, as life finds a reason to get in the way of sometimes. We wanted to make sure her wedding would eventually happen. “Guys, we are going to plan Sam and Bj a wedding… like today.” Sam Powell announced this after the Annual PTO baked potato sale. So we did that afternoon sat down and started planning their wedding for them, I kinda got to picked the date, it would be  July since I hardly got inquiries for that month and wouldn’t miss out on any regular business and we just snowballed from there, we had save the dates out in like a week and then we got colors and details all together very very fast.

The couple gave the girls just a $1000 budget and they had to make that work. Fortunately, Samantha had a dress already that she purchased a while back and with the help of some amazing vendors like Monica Nabors who did the florals, Elizabeth Bell who did the cake, Paula and Jim who let us use their home as the venue, DJ LACY B and other friends, family and co-workers of Sam and Bj’s all pulled together and made the evening very special. 

Sam Powell you are like a friend that every girl wish they had. You are kind and giving and you put so much hard work and energy into making sure your best friend had the wedding she always wanted. Hats off to you.

Thank you PTO momma’s you guys rock, like seriously, you girls always amaze me on how well your teamwork comes together for our kiddos and our community. I’m glad you girls let me hang around. 

Here are some of the images from the day. I hope you enjoy them! 


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