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When we were about in the middle of the session I knew what was racing through mom’s head… “oh gosh this kid I’m ready to beat her butt…” Why do I know that? Cause I had a two year old with that same “no talking, more running” mentality. 

I feel like I have a little advantage over some, not only did I have the most difficult  2 year old in the world but I have worked with a lot of children with the early education program ages 0-4 years. Kids are tough, they have so many emotions and at that age they can’t tell you how they feel! Which is why we get temper tantrums. Hehe! Hey and that’s ok, sometimes I want to lay down on the ground and through a fit too… So who am I to judge anyone else doing it?! 😀 

So in this case my best play in the book is patiences, next is breaks, give them breaks let them look around, explore, throw the rocks, shake their booties but cause we might just get some cute pictures of that, right? 

So I just want to thank you two lovelies for coming to see me and trusting me. I love your little family (all of you, grandma and auntie too!) And I love growing as an artist and business woman with you all. Thank you for choosing me! 

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