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To say I’m a little obsessed with this super sleek navy and greenery wedding would be an understatement! When bride Janzen Jackson Tew was telling me about the details of her wedding I knew it would be easy to be inspired. She chose very stunning but simple pieces through out her entire wedding day. From her denim chunk heels to her Montana sapphire jewelry set everything had intentions and wonderful meaning. 

You can’t hardly tell but Janzen is married to Montana native rodeo cowboy Cody Tew, she is used to seeing him in boots and a hat and for their wedding she wanted him in a suit and dress shoes just once. You couldn’t even tell that was not his normal at all, he looked so handsome all dressed in his navy tailored attire.

I had the pleasure to meet up with Mrs. J before the wedding, she drove all the way to little old Finley America to do her bridals and they were epic. The dress she chose fit like a glove and my velvet emerald couch set the perfect backdrop for the session. I added a few of those images in the wedding set below. 

The Tew’s had a very intimate ceremony at The Forge Wedding Venue with no bridal party but had their very best friends come dressed in their favorite blush dresses and khaki blazers. This allowed for their dear friends and family to actually watch from the hand made benches instead of being nervous in front of a crowd. 

My favorite part of the day was their dj, they chose the absolute best dj I have ever heard. He played to the rise and the fall of the crowd, kept everyone entertained and on their feet even with a hard to get, rough and tough cowboy crowd. Watching Janzen and all her friends just dance and laugh was a treat in itself. 

Thank you Mr and Mrs. Tew for choosing Tansy and I. We had such a fun time with all your fiends and family! Good luck to you in your marriage and rodeo “tew”!! 

  1. Janzen Tew says:

    Bobbye you truly captured our day. I love looking at these and will enjoy these forever! Thank you for making sure every moment was photographed.


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