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Meet the Rowland’s they are quiet, sweet and gorgeous. I can imagine I was probably a shock to them with my loud voice, crazy noises and dances! I had the absolute pleasure to be a small part in their family this evening. I got the opportunity to work with them after I had posted an auction for a session online for a family who lost two children in the same car accident. The Rowland’s quickly scooped up the session as the highest bidders. If there is one thing I can say that’s great about living in big ol’ Antlers American it’s this, when we have a tragedy, we come together as a family to meet the needs of the victims.

We had several facets to this shoot. We loved the cows and moo’d at them. Grandma brought bubbles and of course I had the M&Ms. We went for a walk and head to the massive lake on the property just as the sun was setting. We did a lot of playing, well let’s face it cause kiddos are so good at it! We had lots of tickle time and Grandma giggling and getting lots of laughs and smiles out of the two littles. We had a great time and I am very honored they bought my auction. Thanks you! 

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