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   Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and fall break! I got the pleasure to work with a wonderful family right here in my community of Finley! With large families scheduling is always the biggest hurdle, especially when there are older kids. Most have jobs, collage and so on. But in the end we always find a way to make it work, even if we do a two day event or a late morning (lighting is our enemy) but  I always try my hardest to be accommodating as possible for for my clients.

   Carrie contacted me ready to book she was determined this year to get family portraits of her three kiddos! They were growing up way to fast and her daughter was already engaged! She said “it’s hard to get them in the same place at the same time, everyone is just so busy!” It’s true too most of the time even the little ones are busy these days. So it’s important to get these photos while we can! While Carrie’s main goal was to get her teenage/adult children in one place we were also able to add on the rest of the Akard sisters and mom and dad. I believe this is the first professional picture of the whole group in one spot! Congratulations for having such a beautiful family.

Thank you for choosing me and trusting me with your family memories! Enjoy! 



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