Worst Blogger Ever…

Seriously I am… I haven’t written a post in almost a YEAR?! Why… I don’t know I just forget that this is an important part of the process and mostly I never know what to say and I hate proof reading and I stink at English…. So that combo with just being unorganized sometimes really equals really bad, inconsistent blogging. 

So what have I been doing? Growing. Seriously in a ton of ways. I took off from the business last November to kinda go a different path and well that didn’t work out. I have always been loud, outspoken and overly involved. So that venture had no room for a women with those qualities. So it was starting back over after my brief time away and I decided to do a little more growing educationally and emotionally on my business. 

I decided that I really liked doing video and wanted to pursue more of that. So I bought some equipment and started practicing… Wowza video is hard. Your arm hurts the whole time, you need to be able to learn to get the shot right the first time because in my industry do overs are very few and far. So with physical practice and watching tons of tutorials I finally felt a little more comfortable to offer this. 

I also did a little rebranding and revamping of the website. It takes a lot of time to grow in this industry but with confidence and lots of patience I am getting to where I want to be! 

So what you will be seeing in the next few weeks? Tons of blog posts! You will see my next big giveaway. Also all the great little Facebook Sneak Peaks you will be able to see the full session on the blog! So stay tuned! 


-Bobbye Jean


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