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So it’s been a big year… Big Move… Big Changes… But I’m working away at just trying to keep up with it all. Life can be hard and move way to fast but today as I had set down to edit I told myself to start a routine. Download, Edit, Facebook, BLOG! Over the last several months I have been completely lazy and not blogged a single thing. I actually have tons of drafts that aren’t finished that I hope to catch up on but I am going to kick it into gear and get it done. 

So I have tons of sessions that haven’t even been edited yet, I am working on a huge graphic design project of our local arena and I’m STILL trying to finish school… I need to graduate already!! :’( A lot of people have been asking about the rebranding and why and such and I just wanted to say that I had gotten a divorce this winter and I felt like since I moved home I needed to just be me again. Everyone at home knows me as Bobbye Jean (not my naval nick name B…) So I decided it would be a good opportunity to rid some old try something new. First thing is no one in this part of the country could even begin to spell my married name! Ha! And who would have known that my first and middle name has yet to be taken as a domain name. 😀 So I decided  to throw together a logo and create some new materials and begin on my new journey! 

So if you are waiting on photos this is what has been going on. I swear I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just swamped and working away to square it away. 🙂 Thanks for following. 

-Bobbye Jean 


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