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The first time I got to meet Justin and asked him about how they met, it was literally love at first sight. He said, “I went into HR and she was the one to come out and get me. I was just taken back by how gorgeous she was.” My heart melted right there in […]

Downtown Durant Wedding Jackie + Justin

In between all of this crazy “spring” weather there was this beautiful day! We are so lucky to have caught it at just the right time! I was so surprised to go just 20 minutes south of my house and the trees already had so many more leaves and there was bright green grass ever […]

Sweet Oklahoma Engagement Session Trevor + Jaclyn


  So planning Cassidy and Andrew’s engagement session I knew I wanted something fun and different. Cassidy’s mom Kelley is so super sweet even though I have never met her in person, our phone conversations could go on for hours and hours so I knew I wanted to do something special for them. Keep in […]

Texas Tulip Engagements Andrew + Cassidy

How sweet are these two! Of course they have super genuine smiles but I brought a secret weapon just in case. Hannah. Yes my daughter, ok maybe I just brought her cause I didn’t have a sitter but still this kid can get some of the best and funniest smiles out of people. You know […]

Brooke + Lane | Paris, Texas Weddings | Bobbye Jean Photography


I would be lying if I said it’s just another day in the office when photographing a Baylor Bride. I know Waco isn’t like super far from Oklahoma but I feel pretty fancy when I get asked to travel to work. I honestly love it! Especially when it’s to Waco. My bestie lives in San […]

Christina + Aaron | Waco, Texas | Bobbye Jean Photography