Justin + Taryn | Lake View Wedding at The Pointe | McAlester, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships I create while serving my clients. I get to learn so much about each couple through our planning process and honestly they get to learn about me. They know when I’m sick, or have family issues and we seem to keep an open and constant communication without even really meaning to and to me that’s beautiful. 

Justin, Taryn and I have been friends for over a year now. From her first initial contact I knew that we were a match for one another. She’s fun, bubbly and loves to plan and Justin the the yang to her ying. He’s laid back and is happy just to see his little lady happy. She seems like the only person to get a real smile out of him and he glows around her. You can see the love that these two have for each other. 

Now I am known for being emotional… and most of the time I get a little teary at weddings because, well it’s so wonderful how two people can trust one another so much that they are going to invest the rest of their lives into one another. At that moment in saying  “I do” it’s so surreal that it’s “I do forever.” So I made it through the whole ceremony, I had to be on top of it. I didn’t have a second shooter for this one and I had big time orders to get through so I knew I had to save the tears for later. I got through the ceremony and through all the hugs and hoorays, I got through the first dance and then we did a picture that was so very important to Taryn. We sat up a framed 8×10 of her mother in the seat she was supposed to be in on that very day, with a rose laid beside it, Taryn with her back to the camera just looked down at that picture while I snapped a few myself. She turned around and we both just broke down. I knew her pain because I have been there. I am daddy’s only little girl. I confided in my grandmother just like she does, your wedding is normally shared not just between you and the groom but mostly the brides mom. I felt her pain and we hugged it out and sucked them tears up because we had a party to attend. 

This is why I love my job, I love this relationship I have with Taryn and Justin. I can’t wait to watch their family grow. I can’t wait to see her be the mother of the bride or groom one day! 

Congratulations you guys! I am so blessed to be a small part in your Biggs beginning! 


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