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Writing a review can be a bit daunting for people, I know for me when I get multiple review request from I honestly just pick the one that sticks out the most to me a go with it. As consumers giving a review is not as important as reading them. How many reviews do you read before choosing a product? Where would those reviews come from if people didn’t post them? As consumers our market is constantly changing, we do rely on word of mouth and referrals from friends and family but we also heavily rely on what a complete stranger said online. 

Choosing a photographer falls right into this category of online conformation. We want to feel a sense of security when making such a large investment in our memories and choosing the right person for the job is important. Facebook and other social media marketing sites have paved the way for online deliberation of companies, deciding on which photographer had more stars or more posts compared to the last and as a consumer you just hope to have picked the right one. Using websites like to look for photographer and other vendors can be very useful and these websites generate business from consumers giving reviews. 

So where do you fall into this? Writing meaningful reviews online can not only help a consumer but can continue the longevity of a small business. If you loved a product praise it, if you hated it give a long winded reason why and give the business a chance to improve on their faults. To go a step further send the business an email to help them make things better or to just give them a boost of confidence. This will create solid relationships between consumer and producer. There are plenty of ways to write reviews for a business even if they haven’t sent you a formal request to. There are two listings below that can really help out for my small business! 

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