Mini Me Crazy!

So when I do a mini session for families I like to keep it very affordable. I know that it is hard for some families to fit in a family picture or can even afford one. But this time I really out done myself… Like always they are 20 minutes, 10 images…blah blah 🙂 but this year I created holiday cards which seemed like a great idea since usually you have to pay 10+ dollars for one on Etsy then you know the routine. So I really wanted it to be a one stop kind of thing for these special families this year. 

First we had to cancel… The weather just was not our friend! It was a nightmare since some clients couldn’t do the following weekend and was very disappointed. Next we did them so late that it was already the start of December. Most would like to send out cards in the first week so the result was 3 consecutive all nighters, endlessly working on the images to have them ready for holiday cards. And lastly of my crazy mini nightmare was the cards. I thought I had figured a way to do a drag and drop “smart object” type of thing for each card… I didn’t so each image had to be individually resized for the card. Which honestly took forever! 

Things I learned:

1. Schedule in October, this will give time to reschedule in case of bad weather. 

2. Give enough time to edit. 

3. If I need to do them in November, come up with an alternative inside option if needed. 

4. I will work with only one card next year, and probably offer to print the card instead. A lot of my families had issues with printing and I think it would be easier for me to do it for them. 

5. Youtube smart object solutions for cards. 🙂


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